Ingredients, About our Organic Ingredients

Ingredients, About our Organic Ingredients

 About our Ingredients 💞

To ensure quality, Cruisin Organics organic skin care products are made fresh in small batches. Made in the United States | Saint Cloud, Florida 100% paraben-free Handcrafted with USDA Organic ingredients sourced from around the world, including USDA Organic essential oils.

Every handmade product starts with 100% Organic with products Certified USDA Organic. Some are plant based, sustainably sourced from small family farms. Our products are made with the purest intentions because we’re unnaturally obsessed with all things au naturel. We believe everything you put onto your body matters. Each one of our products is made with skin-loving ingredients, organic and natural, perfect for all skin types. From skin to hair to personal care, our skincare products are made in America with natural and organic cruelty-free products to nourish your body and keep you looking great. Got It All Y'all Cruisin Organics Made in the USA with Organic and Natural Grade Key ingredients. Our sustainable, eco-friendly Skincare products are Made in America with luxurious, high-grade ingredients known to have many things in common, such as fighting or reducing unhealthy inflammation, reduce fine wrinkles, support healthy circulation, and plant-based herbs may provide benefits with health-promoting properties to support an amazingly wow now skin feel.

Here are a Short List of our Key Organic Ingredients:

 Aloe Vera used for improve skin and wrinkles & treat various skin conditions such inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, burns, excellent skin moisturizer.

Avocado Oil. Studies depict avocado oil as a superfood, the best oil to use in cooking. It ingests gradually yet profoundly into the skin; it's very hydrating and an amazing lotion for dry skin.

Avocado oil is plentiful in unsaturated fats, vitamin E, potassium, lecithin, and numerous different supplements that can support, assist with hostile to maturing, and saturate the skin.


Avocado oil is exceptionally "slick" and thick, so it will abandon a thicker buildup than a portion of different choices.

Coconut Oil hardens at 75 degrees, so this is another to try not to use in roller bottles.

Nonetheless, it is extraordinary to use in natively constructed ointments and salves. Also, it is a great transporter oil for covering an enormous surface region with rejuvenating ointments. One model, on the off chance that you are encountering an irritated back, several drops of peppermint medicinal balm to 1/4 cup coconut oil and back rub it into the back.
Coconut oil has normal antibacterial properties making it extraordinary for skin diseases, cuts, and rashes.
It very well may be utilized to treat facial blemishes and safeguard the skin from hurtful microorganisms.


Coconut oil is loaded with nutrients and supplements that can help your skin and wellbeing.

Coconut Oil | Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) is a non-comedogenic transporter oil, extremely light oil and has numerous medical advantages. However it is unique, it very well may be utilized instead of some other transporter oil.

FCO is not quite the same as customary coconut oil since it stays fluid. It likewise forestalls oxidation, making it viable at expanding the time span of usability of your oils when weakened in FCO.
However it is produced using normal coconut oil, FCO is completely boring and scentless.
FCO is very saturating to the skin. Furthermore, it tends to be utilized as a back rub oil, effectively engrossing, leaving your skin with a smooth and solid sparkle.
Not to be restricted to the skin just, FCO is an extraordinary hair and facial hair growth conditioner that safeguards against split closes while assisting with rowdy hair.
To wrap things up. Utilize a tad of FCO on a spotless fabric to eliminate cosmetics; it works extraordinary and is all-regular!

Grapeseed Oil

Here is another oil famous in the culinary world and an exceptionally well known transporter oil for rejuvenating ointment clients.
GSO is a most loved transporter oil to use as a body oil in view of its light surface, leaves little buildup on the skin, and has wound recuperating properties.
This transporter oil has awesome properties for hostile to maturing and can assist with scarcely discernible differences, kinks, and age spots.

Hemp Seed Oil is collected by chilly squeezing hemp seeds.

It is a light green tone with a somewhat nutty flavor.
Hemp seeds are extraordinary for the skin in light of their wellspring of polyunsaturated and fundamental unsaturated fats.
Many individuals use it on the skin as a result of its saturating properties and its capacity to alleviate and diminish irritation.
Hemp seed oil ingests effectively into the skin and doesn't abandon a buildup.
Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil, suitable for all skin types, a gentle emollient. Jojoba Oil regulates sebum production similar to the body naturally produces. May help promote collagen produce with it's antioxidants, is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, may help acne, psoriasis and eczema, wound healing and may reduce appearance of wrinkle and fine lines.

Jojoba oil has an enjoyably gentle fragrance that is effortlessly overwhelmed when blended in with natural balms.
I find that jojoba oil doesn't smudge garments like different oils, making it a decent transporter oil choice, particularly for youngsters.
Jojoba enters the skin well, doesn't obstruct the pores, making it a fantastic choice for anybody with super delicate skin.
It contains nutrients that are extraordinary for the skin, like vitamin E and B nutrients.
There have been concentrates on showing jojoba oil fruitful in assisting with skin inflammation, dermatitis, and psoriasis.
I use jojoba oil in virtually every hair item. It has been known to assist with forestalling dandruff, assist with hair development and even forestall balding.

Lavender Oil. The medical advantages of lavender rejuvenating ointment incorporate its capacity to assist with eliminating anxious strain, ease torment, clean and improve blood dissemination. Superb fragrance based treatment.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is my most un-#1 out of all the transporter oils for two principle reasons, smell and surface.
With extremely unmistakable smell tastes marvelous on chicken and in salad dressing, the aroma doesn't move well to my skin.
Additionally an extremely thick oil doesn't retain well through the skin. Since it is a thick oil, it doesn't function admirably with roller containers and will abandon a sleek film.
For what reason is olive oil even on this rundown? All things considered, olive oil is high in cancer prevention agents and is astoundingly recuperating to dry, inconsistent skin.
It may not be a famous transporter oil as a result of its thick properties and aroma, however it is an incredible oil to have on needed to use in making custom made balms and salves.

Rosehip Oil

Vitamin A (Keratosis Pilaris), Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are antioxidants that enhance wound healing and fight free radicals. They may also help with scarring and discolouration.

Rosehip oil is stacked with unsaturated fats and cancer prevention agents, which are fundamental for cell recovery in the skin.
It assimilates effectively into the skin and can be utilized everyday to assist with decreasing the presence of hostile to maturing as well as safeguard and saturate the skin.
Rosehip contains numerous properties that can assist the body with delivering more collagen. The diminishing in collagen is ordinary as you age and is the principle justification for matured skin.
Applying rosehip oil on sodden skin every morning can further develop complexion and decrease wrinkles.

Sea Buckthorn Oil - Extremely high in beta carotene, this oil is a great revitalizing oil for dry, damaged skin.

Shea Butter

A vegetable fat, Due to it's anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties she butter's main application useful for the face and body in body butter, moisturizing creams, anti-wrinkle & anti-aging creams, hair treatments for hair and dry scalp. Shea Butter, a rich emollient contains nutrients and vitamins helpful for eczema, acne and scars and improved daily skin health providing total skin hydration creating silky, smooth skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is gentle and excellent for babies, assuming they don't have beards. It's high in Vitamin E oil, which can help with chapped skin and soothe irritation.

This oil has a somewhat sweet and nutty smell with a timeframe of realistic usability of around one year. This oil can make skin bothering anybody with a nut sensitivity.
It has a medium consistency, retains well and is known for its saturating properties.
Stacked with vitamin E, sweet almond oil keeps your skin cells sound and may even safeguard your skin from UV radiation harm.
At the point when applied everyday, it can help the skin look and feel more smooth, decreasing the indications of maturing.
Sweet almond oil can normally battle skin flaws with its vitamin A properties.

Most famous in skin health management items, it can likewise be found in hair care items, for example, facial hair oils.


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