Leather Patch Test

Leather Patch Test

Patch Test Leather


Before trying a new leather conditioner, balm or leather cream on your leather goods, make sure first that you always test on an inconspicuous place. When testing purses, suggested you can test on the bottom of the bag. shoes, test a spot at the base of or on the heel. Designer leather belts you wear out, test area of belts where it overlaps is best. Lower area of leather seat.

This is an essential step as some leather cream, balm and conditioners can actually cause permanent discoloration. Aniline or full-grain leather are truly High-quality leathers, although any quality or leather grades may be susceptible to discoloration and marring and discoloration.

Patch test, with a clean, soft cloth rub a small amount into a small spot. Before checking the results, allow the leather patch test to dry for at least 24 hours.

If the leather has no color change proceed safely with applying the conditioning balm to the rest of the leather piece. In the future, on the previous piece tested, might not be a need to test again providing continued use of the same type and brand of leather conditioner, leather balm, leather salve and leather cream.

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